The Best Verizon Flip Phones 2016
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The Best Verizon Flip Phones 2016

The Best Verizon Flip Phones 2016

If you are looking forward to purchasing a flip phone, then you are in the right place. Stay close as we delve into the best Verizon flip phones 2016.

The mention of flip phones is likely to remind us of the very first time that mobile phones came into the market. These phones were common among people from all walks of life. After all, they were the only phones existing in the market then. In this century, technological advancements have seen the market flocked with all kinds of smartphones. However, manufacturers have continued to make flip phones due to their high demand. The following are some of the best Verizon flip phones 2016.

Kyocera DuraXV Plus


This flip phone has a removable 1500 mAh removable battery, with a storage memory of 512 MB. This memory can be expanded through the use of a 32 GB microSD card. This phone rates among the best Verizon flip phones 2016. It also has a flashlight for assistance during those dark nights.

Unlike smartphones, flip phones have batteries that last long without having to recharge. This particular phone is water, dust, and extreme temperature resistant. With this phone, you do not have to search for shadows to be able to use it. It is fitted with very convenient external and internal display features, enabling you to use it even under direct sunlight.

Among the best Verizon flip phones 2016, lies this phone that has a 5 MP camera. Do not be surprised to learn that this phone actually has a led flash for clearer photos. This makes it easier for users to take photos regardless of the time.

It comes in GSM network which can be accessed even in the remotest of areas. You do not have to become unreachable while upcountry anymore.

LG Extravert 2

LG Extravert 2

The good thing about the best Verizon flip phones 2016 is you are able to choose what best fits your desires as well as your budget. The LG Extravert 2 comes with a QWERTY keypad. This makes messaging more convenient and fast. This phone weighs 118g and is 4.1 inches in height. Another exciting feature in this phone has to be the fact that it has a touch screen.

The 280 MB internal memory is expandable to 32 GB by use of a microSD card. This phone was not placed in the best Verizon flip phones 2016 by chance. Its features are similar to those seen in smartphones. For example, you can know your notifications by just glancing at the color of light on the phone.

The LG Extravert 2 phones battery has a standby time of 17 days. This offers a great relief to long distance travelers. You do not have to be unreachable with this phone.

Samsung Convoy 3


Your callers do not have to complain about not hearing you anymore. Another phone ranked among the best Verizon flip phones 2016 has to be the Samsung Convoy 3. This phone comes with dual microphones. These works together to exterminate any noise from your surrounding. Hence making you audible.

With the Samsung Convoy 3, you will continue accessing the web as well as getting in touch with your friends via social networks and messages too. The standby time of this phones battery is a record 18 days. This is incredible news especially for the dwellers of places where power problems have endured.

The camera specifications are 3.2 Mp which enables one to take clear pictures and relive memories from time to time. Its internal memory of 512 MB can be expanded to 32 GB through a microSD card.

LG Revere 3


It is exciting to know that you can still enjoy a colored screen with this phone that is among the best Verizon mobile phones 2016. With the dimensions of 3.86 x 2.01 x 0.74 inches and weighing a light 98g, this phone has a screen size of 2.2inches. Complete with an LCD display and spots menu with a large font size.

With this phone, you are able to connect via Bluetooth a headset, as well as access 3D maps with a display of real time. The good thing about flip phones remains the battery life. This LG Revere 3 phone’s battery has a standby time of 15 days. It comes with a 1.3 MP camera and can be recycled. This phone remains one of the best Verizon flip phones 2016.

LG Cosmos 3


LG Cosmos 3 is a QWERTY key padded phone. It has stood out as one of the best Verizon flip phones 2016 due to its exceptional features.  A QWERTY keypad makes the life of constant message users quite easy. If you are in need of a flip phone, you might want to try this phone. For the smartphone accustomed user, you will find no difference because there will be no change in keypad style.

This phone is set up with a 1.3 MP camera. You do not have to change phones to be able to capture memories. LG Cosmos 3 supports internet use. Continue engaging with friends and relatives as well as getting to know the current affairs. Do not doubt the goodness of this phone in the best Verizon flip phones 2016, what with the expandable memory of up to 32 GBs? Use a microSD card to expand your memory. Get to carry all your data in one place, as you listen to your favorite music.

LG Exalt II


This phone has been fitted with both internal and external display. This feature makes it easier for you to determine the identity of your caller. You can even assign photos to your contacts. The physical look of this phone is elegant, classic, and slim enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The camera is an amazing 5 MP complete with autofocus specifications. That is quite good for a flip phone. You can be assured of clear photos. You have the option of listening to your messages and using your Bluetooth accessories by pairing them to your phone.

The LG Exalt II is 4.4inches in height and weighs 113g. Its 256 MB internal memory can be expanded through a microSD card to 32 GB.

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