Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s – which is better for you ?
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Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s – which is better for you ?

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs  iPhone 6S 


Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s this is the battle that a lot of people waiting for it to know which is better and which one deserve to be the best.

Well, a lot of people they make a big difficult decision choosing between Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S, and in this article, we will help you to make it clear to you and to decide which one is fit you more.

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s
Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s

Which one you should buy and which one is the best?  

What is the difference between these two huge massive good mobile phones? We will answer all these questions to make it easy to know who is the dominating mobile here.


In this article we will talk about the difference between Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S in different aspects, so let’s start.

Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s Design
Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s Design


Well, the design of these two mobile phones are similar but iPhone 6S still the smaller, slitter and lighter one, and that’s mean less display feature for sure.

However we should say that Apple they care about how the mobile phone looks like before improving the function of it, but Samsung is opposite they care about the features a lot, and also they care about the design too as we can notice with all their mobile phones like Galaxy S7. Actually to be attention to details like apple it’s a pretty good things and especially when it comes to feel more comfortable when you hold the mobile phone in your hands and more specific that you can use it with only one had pretty easy, and Samsung Galaxy S7 is not really the same, and about the weight of them when can notice also that Galaxy S7 is heaver “152g” and iPhone S6 “143g”.

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Display
Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Display

Indeed the thick is Galaxy S7 “7.9mm” and iPhone S6 “7.1mm”. What else? The colors available for Galaxy S7  are Black/Gold. And for iPhone S6 are Space Gray/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold. So more colors from Apple a good thing for sure, let’s move on to displays.


In displays there is a massive difference between these two mobile phones, we will start with the size of the screen, Samsung Galaxy S7 is “5.1-inch” with a 2560×1440-pixel resolution at 577pp Super AMLOED, and iPhone S6 is “4.7-inch” with a 1334×750-pixel resolution at 326ppi LCD IPS.

If we want really to compare about a display, I would say that Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than iPhone S6 especially in the dark when you are watching movies or playing games.

Samsung Galaxy S7 they use with it Gorilla glass 4 and iPhone S6 use Dul ion exchange glass. And both are great in that.

A lot of people disappointed because Samsung didn’t change their display with this mobile too and I guess it’s okay because they have a great display, so it’s okay.

Let’s go inside these two mobiles:


iPhone S6 is a little bit faster than Samsung Galaxy S7 when it’s coming to open really heavy applications, and it’s not important to a lot of people, but there is people care about that!

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Camera
Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Camera

Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s Camera

When it comes to camera people always what the best mobiles that can capture fast and with a good detail quality. And these two great mobiles do that but with a little bit differences.

Samsung Galaxy S7: 12MP f/1.7, Dual Pixel Focus, Optical image stabilization.

iPhone S6: 12MP f/2.2, Focus Pixel, TruTone Flash, Sapphire lens cover.

The S6 is more accurate because Galaxy S7 show is the color not like how we really see it in reality somehow.

And we can notice celery that the S7 have less shake, so if you are running you can’t really see that you are, and the reason is that the image stabilization, well iPhone S6 doesn’t have that. Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than iPhone S6 in the low light capture.

What about the front camera?  

Well, both have the same MP for the front camera, and it’s 5 MP however Samsung Galaxy S7 have a higher resolution and wider angle lens, and it’s pretty good if you want to talk a selfie with your friends.


The features of front camera:  

Samsung Galaxy S7: 5MP f/1.7

Front Flash

1440p Wide Angle


iPhone S6: 5MP f/ 2.2

TruTone Flash



Samsung vs iphone

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Storage

And if we want to say who’s better for a storage? If we want to talk about storage, we notice a difference that Samsung Galaxy S7 have one storage type, but for iPhone S6 it comes with a multiple different types.


Samsung Galaxy S7: 32GB, microSD.

iPhone S6: 16GB, 64GB, 128GB.


Also, Samsung Galaxy S7 provide you that you can put extra storage up to 200gGB via micro-SD slot. And for sure we can say that Apple is better here if it comes to storage with an extra one so yeah Apple you win this round. But who will win the whole match? Well, I guess it’s a benefit for iPhone to have different types of storage and with different prices for sure, but Samsung they get just one it’s a good one too somehow.

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Battery
Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Battery


Both mobile phones use non-removable battery,

Well Samsung Galaxy S7 battery is 3000 mAh, and the iPhone S6 is 1715 mAh pack.


Samsung Galaxy S7: Ultra Power Saving, Wireless charging.

iPhone S6: Low Power Mode.



Samsung Galaxy S7 was charging up faster that iPhone S6, with 30 minutes it charges 50% of the battery and also there is wireless charging too for it. And as we know there is no wireless charging for Apple mobiles.

Samsung Galaxy S7 charge faster as we said so it cam reaches the max within 90 minutes via it quick charger 2.0 charger, while the iPhoe S6 charge more slowly it takes almost three hours to reaches the max.


Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Software
Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Software


As we know that IOS give a huge security and easy to use, but Android gives more independent and customize to use.


As everyone know that these two mobile phones use a different software, and there is a difference of the performance for this two software but for sure both of them are the best, so let’s start talking a little bit more specific Samsung Galaxy S7 has Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, TouchWiz UI, and iPhone S6 has iOS 9.3. Well, it’s the old battle between this two software.


Both are good but there is big different somehow between both of them when it comes to RAM Samsung is the bigger here with 4GB LP-DDR4 RAM, and iPhone is the smaller with 2GB DDR3 RAM.


Samsung Galaxy S7: Exynos 8890 CPU or Snapdragon 820, Quad Core 64bit, 4NM, Adreno 530 GPU.


iPhone S6: Apple A9, Dual Core 64bit, 14-16NM, Built in GPU M9 Coprocessor.

However Samsung has internals, and it depends on which country you are in this world you get the internals.



At first glance we think that iPhone S6 is cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S7, but actually it’s not. For iPhone, there is multiple mobile phones price and depends on the storage size but in Samsung, there is one Storage size so one mobile phone price.


However as we always know that Apple price is higher than Samsung almost all the time, so in this round Samsung win too for good features with a not too high price.


Samsung Galaxy S7: start from $700.

iPhone S6: start from $650.

What make Samsung Galaxy S7 more unique than iPhone S6? You can use two applications at the same time with Samsung Galaxy S7, and you can’t do that with iPhone S6 for sure. What also make Samsung better? Well, there is a private mode in it, like you can hide specific pictures or videos so it can’t show in the album gallery except with a fingerprint or a password. Also, we can’t forget the IP68 water resistant that iPhone doesn’t have for sure and also the micro SD removable memory that you can add extra storage to your mobile phone quickly.


We can say that iPhone has 3D Touch that Samsung doesn’t have.

And Samsung Always has on Display which you can always see your Display without wasting a lot of battery and with a good battery life.

And as we know that these two mobile phones use different marketplace for the applications, and there is a lot of implementation you can’t find in both Marketplace, Samsung use Google Play as we know and iPhone use iTunes App Store.



In the end, each one of these two mobile phones has strength and weakness, and it’s normal, so if you want to a device which one is better? And if we want to say who wins this battle we would say both do because they are great mobile phones deserves to buy, but don’t forget to pick what fit you more and your needs! However a lot of people say that Samsung Galaxy S7 is the dominating one and the winning mobile phone, we can tend to say that too because every time Samsung release a  phone bring with it more great features and it deserve to be the best.

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