Huawei P9 review – What is the Huawei P9?
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Huawei P9 review – What is the Huawei P9?

Huawei P9 review – Dual cameras worthy of a double take  Huawei P9 review – What is the Huawei P9?

Since the entry of the Nokia 808 PureView makers have been doing combating ever harder to make the extremely finest telephone camera. We’ve seen everything from the standard selection of optical picture adjustment to custom advances like LG’s laser self-adjust and HTC’s Ultrapixels – which returned on the new HTC 10.

The P9 is Huawei’s wound at the title and sees the firm collaborate with photography legend Leica to make what it’s calling “a definitive camera-telephone”.

It highlights a clever double lens back camera setup like the one Apple’s reputed to take a shot at for its famous iPhone 7, and there’s very some truth to Huawei’s case. Be that as it may be cautioned, its custom imaging programming offers some of appropriate Leica cameras’ “unconventionality”. This joined with progressing issues with Huawei’s EMUI Android skin, make the P9 a decent, however not extraordinary, cell phone.

Huawei P9 in video

Huawei P9 – Design

Huawei P9 Design
Huawei P9 Design

2016 has been an extraordinary year for Android fans and seen the arrival of a portion of the prettiest cell phones ever. Highlights have incorporated the superwash Samsung Cosmic system S7, the wonderfully metal HTC 10 and the secluded LG G5.

The P9 remains close by these stellar handsets on the configuration front and is the most attractive cell phone Huawei’s ever constructed. It has a verifiable iPhone 6S-ish feel, highlighting a unibody metal suspension with level sides. The metal, consolidated with the P9’s nearly without bezel show gives the telephone a vibe that is keeping pace with any 2016 lead I’ve tried.

Huawei’s likewise stacked the P9 with a conventional arrangement of the network. At its base, you’ll discover a USB Sort C port, and along its long right-hand side, you’ll discover a Nano SIM and microSD card space. The microSD will give you a chance to include a further 128GB of space to the telephone’s inbuilt 32GB/64GB. Be that as it may be cautioned, in case you’re anticipating exploiting the microSD, the P9 doesn’t bolster Android Marshmallow’s Adoptable Stockpiling highlight.

Adoptable Capacity gives you a chance to teach your telephone to treat SD card stockpiling like local stockpiling – meaning you can do things like introducing applications specifically to the SD card. On past handsets, for example, the HTC One A9, I’ve found the element enormously accommodating, as it let me stroll around with my whole music and recreations library downloaded with space to save.

There’s a justifiable reason motivation behind why Huawei, and other telephone creators including Samsung and LG, are turning Adoptable Capacity off. Running Adoptable Stockpiling implies you can’t swap the SD card out without harming/affecting the cell phone’s execution. Utilizing a modest SD card will likewise hamper the telephone’s general execution, so Huawei’s choice is justifiable, but a touch of baffling in my psyche.

Outside of this current, Huawei’s stacked the P9 with a Level 4 unique mark scanner on its back. Huawei claims the scanner is a checked stride up from the Level 3 scanners seen on contending telephones and will be discernibly quicker and more precise than contenders.

I didn’t see a lot of a distinction amongst it and contending unique finger impression scanners like the ones seen on the System S7 or Nexus 5X. Be that as it may, this isn’t an issue and the scanner is still more than adequate. It’s super-quick and the main times it neglected to perceive my unique mark was the point at which I was utilizing the telephone as a part of a downpour or had messy hands.

Huawei’s likewise made it so you can utilize the scanner to order some essential charges. The controls are actuated in the telephone’s settings menu and let you do things like draw down the warning board and look through photographs by swiping on the scanner. The element sounds minor, yet I wound up utilizing the scanner to check approaching alarms all the time after just two or three days with the P9.

Construct quality is strong. Drop testing it on my wooden kitchen floor, the Huawei P9 survived split and without a chip. Despite the fact that the body’s metal feels somewhat more feeble than the amalgam utilized on the HTC 10, and can be inclined to getting soil marks.

The telephone’s additionally not as agreeable to hold as the Cosmic system S7 or HTC 10. Its minuscule 7mm thickness, consolidated with its level sides, can make it feel marginally elusive – which will be an issue for ungainly clients who frequently drop their telephones.

Huawei P9 – Display

Huawei P9 display
Huawei P9 display

To spec-heads, the Huawei P9’s 5.2-inch showcase isn’t anything to keep in touch with home about. The FHD 1080 x 1920 determination puts it well behind contending cell phones, for example, the Cosmic system S7, which for the most part have cornea-slicingly sharp QHD 2560 x 1440 resolutions. In any case, being straightforward, with regular use I didn’t have any genuine dissensions about the screen.

There’s been a considerable measure of civil argument about when the human eye quits having the capacity to differentiate between resolutions. A few people say it’s the point at which we break the 300ppi (pixels per inch) thickness breakthrough, while others think we can recognize the distinction past 500 pp. Whatever the reality of the situation, I found the P9’s 423ppi show more than sufficiently sharp. Symbols and content are all around sharp and pleasingly free of any indications of pixelation.

The utilization of LCD screen innovation guarantees blacks are pleasantly profound and hues have a decent measure of pop, without looking over-soaked. The telephone’s shading temperature setting additionally makes it brisk and simple to alter it to meet your own inclination.

White levels are somewhat sloppy contrasted with contending handsets, yet are a long way from ghastly, and review points, while not the best I’ve seen, are appropriately wide. With everything taken into account, the P9’s screen isn’t the best around – that title goes mutually to those on the System S7 and HTC 10 – however it’s more than fit for a reason. 99% of individuals will have no issue with it.

Huawei P9 – Software

Huawei’s emphasis on stacking its God-terrible Feeling skin onto handsets has been a consistent issue. I’ve never loved Android skins, as they by and large include bloatware, roll out unnecessary improvements to Android’s presently astounding UI and postpone how rapidly gadgets can get moved up to new forms of the OS.

Notwithstanding Huawei having effectively attempted to tone down EMUI, the skin is still liable of no less than two of these wrongdoings and is, in my brain, one of the most exceedingly bad accessible.

First off, the OS revamps Android’s UI to the point that it’s everything except unrecognizable. Android’s application plate has vanished, so all introduced applications are presently shown on the telephone’s home screens, the same way they are on iOS. Helpful alternate routes, similar to the torchlight in Fast Settings, have additionally been illogical evacuated. This makes the UI feel the outsider to even the most prepared Android client. Considering Android Marshmallow’s magnificent Material Configuration, I can’t resist the urge to feel Huawei’s rolling out improvements for it.

Caps off to Huawei for decreasing the measure of bloatware on EMUI as of late, however, there’s still a greater amount of it than I’d like. Out of the container, the telephone still runs copy Huawei applications that offer either comparable or mediocre, administrations to Android’s local adaptations. Key guilty parties incorporate the informing, logbook, email and exhibition applications. I’d truly like Huawei to remove a page from the HTC 10’s book and quit stacking copy applications onto its handsets.

It’s too soon to say if my third issue with Android skins will rehash itself on the P9. To know we’ll need to sit back and watch how rapidly it gets moved up to the last form of Android N not long from now – however, given Huawei’s poor reputation with programming redesigns I don’t have high trusts.

It’s sufficiently simple to jettison EMUI utilizing a launcher, for example, the official Google Now launcher, yet it’s still a faff, as the applications and pointless elements will even now be there gobbling up capacity and memory.


Huawei P9 – Performance

I may not be a major devotee to Huawei’s product, but rather I don’t have anything yet regard for its equipment. Past telephones fueled by Huawei’s Kirin chips have offered amazing execution.

With genuine us, I discovered this remaining parts valid on the Huawei P9 review. The P9 is smooth to utilize 99% of the time. It skims between menu screens and dispatches applications in milliseconds. I found the P9 plays serious 3D amusements, similar to Riptide GP3, chug-and stammer-free – however drawn out gaming did once in a while cause the telephone to warm up, and prompt occasions of CPU throttling.

Not at all like past telephones running EMUI I’m additionally yet to encounter any unforeseen application crashes on the Huawei P9. Outside of a couple of little bugs bringing about periodic stammers I haven’t seen any significant issues with the P9’s execution.


Double lens tech is incredible

Strong execution

Better than average battery life

Super quick unique finger impression scanner


EMUI skin is overwhelming

Camera programming can be fiddly

Key Elements

Double lens camera setup

Kirin CPU


5.2-inch FHD show

3000mAh battery

Android Marshmallow with EMUI

Producer: Huawei

Review Cost: £449.00

My genuine impressions rang genuine when I put the P9 through Trusted’s standard arrangement of manufactured benchmark tests.

On AnTuTu, which offers a general measure of a telephones’ execution, the P9 scored a respectable 98,008. This puts it well over the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810-fueled Nexus 6P, yet behind contending Snapdragon 820 handsets, for example, the Samsung System S7. The Nexus 6P scored 50,030 while the World S7 scored 129,468 by examination.

The P9’s Geekbench score was somewhat more intriguing. The Huawei P9 review kept running in with respectable 1,750 single-center and 6,281 multi-center scores. The multi-center score is especially amazing and puts the telephone on a standard with the System S7, which scored 6,307 on Geekbench and means the P9 ought to be awesome at multitasking.

Gaming execution is less encouraging. On the GPU-serious 3DMark Sling Shot benchmark, the P9 scored 966. This puts it beneath most 2016 leads – the World S7 scored 2,129 on the same test.

  • Dual Cameras5.0
  • 5.2-inch FHD show4.0
  • Bettary 3000 mAh3.5
  • 3G RAM4.0
4.1Overall Score

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