Apple iPhone 6s Price and Review full specs
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Apple iPhone 6s Price and Review full specs

Apple has always introduced industry-leading smartphones, and they have always tried to meet and exceed user’s expectations. On September 9, 2015, Apple announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the most advanced iPhones till date. They have added a new dimension to iPhone’s revolutionary Multi-Touch interface.
The newest iPhone 6S is top-to-bottom a better phone with lots of enhancements; it packs a better camera, a snappier processor, and 3D Touch as compared to iPhone 6.
IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are quite similar. Yet iPhone 6s Plus with a faster processor, image stabilization, and a bigger screen has its charms.
Difference between iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus:
Top specifications of both iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, given below.

iPhone 6S:

Apple A9 Processor 12 MP Camera 2GB RAM 1715 mAh Battery
7.1 mm thick 2160p Resolution 750×1334 pixels 4.7″ Screen size

iPhone 6S Plus:

Apple A9 Processor 12 MP Camera 2GB RAM 2750 mAh Battery
7.3 mm thick 2160p Resolution 1080×1920 pixels 5.5″ Screen size.


Apple iPhone 6s Size and Design

The old design of the flagship iPhone 5 has now re-emerged through the iPhone SE, pleasing those not wishing to dive into the “phablet” market with the ‘Plus’ models on offer. The SE is at 124mm in height, 59mm in width and 7.6mm in thickness: a perfect set of dimensions for a device that fits well in a pocket. The iPhone 6S stands for the middle size between the SE and the 6S Plus: 138mm in height, 67mm in width, 7.1mm in thickness and 22% heavier than the SE. Not considerably much larger than the SE, but at least it has slimmed down slightly. Both devices utilize the famous aluminum unibody design.The exterior of the iPhone 6s is identical to its predecessor’s – an aluminum unibody and Ion-X 2.5D glass shielding the 4.7″ Retina display. The phone is 14g heavier though due to the new ForceTouch technology beneath the screen.

Apple iPhone 6s Screen and Resolution

The iPhone 6S has a screen 38% larger than the SE’s. Therefore, resolution lies at 1334×750 pixels, in comparison to the SE’s 1136×640 pixels, with both at 326ppi. Interestingly, Apple hasn’t focused on upgrading pixel density over the past couple of years, with little change from its 2010 flagship model. This is something pursued much more on the Android market as a means of differentiation.

Apple iPhone 6s Power and Performance

Both devices are relatively new, and therefore incorporate the same Apple A9 chips with 64-bit architecture, and a dual-core processor at 1.85GHz. For some, this is expected, but for those looking at the difference in price tags, this is a significant selling point for the iPhone SE, which matches the 6S on a power front. It also has the same 2GB RAM than its big brother: altogether, that means faster browsing, increased responsiveness, better multi-tasking and screaming power under its hood.

Apple iPhone 6s Battery and Storage

Storage is becoming a key factor for consumers making the choice, simply due to the higher demands applications, photos and videos put on smartphone space. Better cameras, more capable apps, and increased media sharing mean you’ll need to assess and predict how much space you need. If you stream a lot of media, rarely capture videos and act in a more resourceful manner, then the entry-level storage option of the SE at 16GB should be adequate. You also get the choice of 64GB with the SE, but the 6S offers the higher 128GB. While the 6S holds a slightly larger battery, the SE’s fewer pixels and smaller screen will have a positive effect on battery life, making it last a full day.


Apple iPhone 6s Cameras

The only main difference is with the front-facing cameras, with the SE housing a 1.2-megapixel unit versus the 6S holding a 5-megapixel one. It is, therefore, a generation behind, but on the back, the cameras lie at a whopping 12-megapixels. That means 4K video recording with whatever device you choose.

iPhone 6S Price and review

Apple iPhone 6s Storage Capacity and Touch ID

Apple has always provided sufficient storage as compared to the competition. It is now offering 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB model variants. Users can open iPhone 6S swiftly by using new and improved Touch ID feature. The user has to place index finger on the Home Button which unlocks phone quicker than before.
3D Touch: Newest innovation by Apple
To experience 3D Touch feature, a user only has to press on the iPhone 6S screen for few seconds and a pop-out window will emerge that shows a smaller menu. Upon clicking on these menus, the user feels a slight buzz/click. Apple promotes this new feature as, 3D Touch.
With Apple iPhone 6S, one can see messages into previews that can then open up fully, or tucked back away by lifting a finger.

Apple iPhone 6s Camera, Video and Live Photo

Both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus have 12 MP cameras and both are capable of recording 4K Videos to give maximum resolution and crisp videos every time. With the Live Photos feature enabled, every time a user presses the camera button to take a photo, iPhone 6S does not only takes a full 12 megapixel still image, but it also records 1.5 seconds of video both before and after the still image.

Following are the Pros and Cons of new Apple iPhone 6S
* 3D Touch is the best innovative feature offered by Apple.
* Fastest A9 Processor that works seamlessly with iOS 9.
* Improved cameras compared to previous models.
* Touch ID is much faster and more accurate.

* iPhone 6s lacks optical image stabilization
* Live Photos don’t work well every time
* iPhone 6S has a poor battery life.
* Basic iPhone 6S 16 GB model is more expensive than Samsung S6

So, both devices share the same chipset, same rear camera, and the same color options. But the 6S is slightly ahead of the SE generation, with 3D Touch, a bigger display and larger in physical size. Would this justify the price difference? We think that for the sake of hundreds of pounds, the 6S is not quite worth the jump up. The iPhone SE is a prime example of a typical smartphone that incorporates modern power with the latest performance standards Apple has to offer, great features and all offered at a much more affordable price tag.More so,iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are excellent additions to the Apple smartphone lineup. Users who possess iPhone 6 probably would not be enticed to do an upgrade right away. However, wherever the budgets allows, for those who would want to stay ahead of peers on possessing the latest technology, these additions and innovations would certainly be worth the price.

iPhone 6s price

Apple iPhone 6s Price

Apple iPhone 6S, 16 GB , Gold (Sprint)     $525.99    Click here

iPhone 6s 16 GB International Warranty     $670.00    Click here

iPhone 6s Rose Gold 16GB                         £440.00    Click here


Review Overview
  • DESIGN4.5
  • BATTERY3.5
  • CAMERA4.5
4.3Overall Score

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