iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus Top 5 features
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iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus Top 5 features

iPhone7 & iPhone7 Plus – Defying the Elements

In this fast paved technology driven era, some different brands have proved their metal in the 21st Century marketplace by offering sophisticated and superfine gadgets – which have ultimately dominated every part of the world. One of these brands with an exceptionally inspiring story, not only as a brick and mortar firm but also as an internet sensation is Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a globally recognized brand name, which is aiming towards manufacturing and designing software goods and electronic gizmo, in the form of sleek technology and sophisticated handsets. Apple Inc. has been providing the world with some of the most authentic technology.

Their latest creation is the iPhone7; a chic and stylish handset designed to make your life better. The iPhone7 has been marketed by the firm and has become the talk-of-the-town, as its launch is anticipated sometime in the winters. Being the latest version in the iPhone category, the iPhone7 has been equipped with a few older technologies and some new developments we will experience in a few days. Here are 5 of the top features of both, the iPhone7 and the iPhone7 Plus – which the tech realm can expect to enjoy!

iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus Top 5 features: 

iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus Top 5 features

1.Sapphire Glass:

Rather than using the  Corning’s Gorilla Glass, which has been used in almost all of the previous iPhone versions, Apple Inc. is aiming towards adding the Sapphire Glass to the new iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus. The Sapphire Glass is extremely tough and does not break easily. Previously, this glass type has been used by Apple Inc. in the iWatch.

2.   Wireless Charging:

One of the most engaging features of the upcoming iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus is wireless charging. Their undisputed rivals Samsung has already provided this feature, and Apple Inc. is looking towards moving one step ahead by providing a wireless hand-free as well.

3.   OLED Display:

Apple Inc. has also changed their design regarding the display of the latest iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus. They are looking forward to using OLED instead of LCD. The difference is that LCD needs a back light to glow, the whole OLED generates its light to illuminate.

4.   iSight Camera:

To provide a better picture quality to the users, Apple Inc. is aiming towards using the iSight camera, which allows users to take brighter and clearer pictures. With a 13 megapixel primary and an 8 megapixel back camera, the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus will provide a new road towards mobile photography.

5.   Improved Processor:

The iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus are going to be equipped with the latest A10 Fusion Chip, which is a 64-bit quad-core processor. According to Apple Inc., years you this chip is almost 40% faster than year’s A9 processor, providing high-efficiency and speed.

The Bottom Line:

The iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus are exceptionally well-designed handsets, which can provide you a better and improved opportunity to stay connected with the world. By providing the above features, Apple Inc. has taken a step forward towards innovation and creativity. Hence, make sure to hay our wallets ready to grab this chic handset as soon as it is premiered in iStores around the globe!

iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus Top 5 features Infographic

iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus Top 5 features infographic

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