Samsung Galaxy note 7 Review
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Samsung Galaxy note 7 Review

Samsung Galaxy note 7 Review 

Samsung Galaxy note 7 review – if you are looking for a big mobile screen that can embrace your work and also your fun times with playing, so Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the best choice to you, it’s not just a big phone but it’s a phone that is for your big things!

With a curved design, and multiple colors will make your hand lucky to hold it, big screen with S pen writing is better than reading.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a new generation of mobiles with the S pen, as we know always Samsung company care about the design and the quality of their products and we can see that so clear in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung galaxy note 7 review
Samsung galaxy note 7 review

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

  • 7-inch, quad-HD Super AMOLED display.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • S-Pen.
  • Octa-core CPU.
  • Android 6.0.1.
  • 12MP camera, f1.7 aperture.
  • 64GB internal storage.
  • Size 1 inches (~72.1% screen-to-body ratio)
  • Radio: No

Samsung galaxy note 7 video

Larger screen better display.

We can notice the large screen of note7 which a lot of people don’t like big mobiles with large screens but for who like it, it’s the best choice of the large screen because of the better display, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had HD.


The iris scanner is really a good alternative to the fingerprint scanner for security benefits and feature in note 7 security which is easy to use, you can now protect your information too way more.

 Samsung Galaxy note 7 display

Some people find it easier to do the fingerprint scanner than the iris scanner because it take a while to load the screen and scan your iris and then unlock the mobile, so it’s end to personal preference, as we know Samsung isn’t the first company that adds iris scanner for a phone but they did it pretty good.


samsung galaxy note 7 design
samsung galaxy note 7 design


The best point about Samsung Galaxy note 7 is the design as we think, you can notice that Samsung Galaxy note 7 is similar to Galaxy S7 Edge about the curved display and  it has a dual-curved screen. Also, Samsung Galaxy note 7 is a 5.7-inch note.


We can’t talk about design without mention that it’s the best-curved mobile in 2016 with no competitor. No just this Samsung using the toughest type of aluminum alloy and the new gorilla glass 5, so it can protect it from dropping so high.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera


Samsung Galaxy note 7 review – Camera

Easy flipping filters and quickly modes with flicking finger, these are the features in note 7, and everything else is just like the camera in  Samsung Galaxy S7  and S7 Edge, which means a 12MP with optical image stabilization.


Samsung Galaxy note 7 review – Battery
The battery in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 it’s smaller than Galaxy S7 battery , and I guess the reason is the S pen, however, it charge up really fast ( 60% in 30 min), also there are wireless charging options too.

Another information that we should know about the battery that it’s Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. And there is one big change for Samsung notes that there is with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a USB type C.

 Samsung galaxy note 7

Other features for Samsung Galaxy note 7 review:

Large screen mean large for everything!

One of the other features in note 7 that it have large internal storage that starts at 64GB and also microSD card memory up to 256GB. We should know that this feature availability may vary by country.


Galaxy Note 7 Pen
Galaxy Note 7 Pen

  Samsung Galaxy note 7 review – S Pen

This new S pen is really great, it’s the most intelligence pen for mobile phones, it’s like the real pen don’t worry about it getting wet, Write in multiple languages and don’t forget to use it anytime you want!

Samsung also has an app for note-taking and memo called “Samsung Notes”, which is contain three complete apps (Action memo, S note, Scrapbook).


Water resistant

Not just the phone but also the S pen have water resistant that helps you to write wherever you are and in any condition. It also dust resistant, even the cavity where you put the S pen and what make it more special that the phone will warn you when it’s too wet to wait before plugging in.

More colors the better!

Samsung Galaxy s7 comes with multiple colors and they are:
Black, White, Gold, Silver, Pink Gold.


  • Iris scanning not really good, it’s pointless.
  • The battery is smaller than S7 Edge.


Protective and standing cover

You can with just one swift move change the protective cover to a stand so you can watch your favorite video.

 Keyboard Cover

If you don’t like the S pen, you can have a keyboard for sure to type your messages and save your notes.

VR Gear

A great idea to have a VR headset with Samsung Galaxy note 7, to be inside the video to feel the graphics into maximum you only need this VR gear. The VR make you enjoy the bigger field of pictures and videos, the weight of it is 312 g without a front cover, with it 345 g.  Also, there is home key and back key.


You can also Experience 360° contact like videos and pictures that have been taken by your gear or other people, it’s really a whole new and amazing experience.


 Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 versus Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If we want to compare between these two’s great Samsung mobile, we will say that both are the best in 2016 for sure.


Well, Samsung Galaxy note 7 is larger than Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, taller wider and thicker 12 grams more than the S7 edge. Also, the reason because of the large display, note 7 is 5.7 and s7 edge 5.5 they both use Super AMOLED.

The design is so similar and alike, nothing much to notice. The camera of both mobiles are identical they have 12 mp, some people was really disappoint that they didn’t improve the camera of Samsung Galaxy note 7 but I guess it’s fair because Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has the best mobile phone camera.


Well again the S pen it what make Samsung Galaxy note 7 unique, it has a lot of feature like live translation, you can just hover you S pen and it will translate it live. There is also another cool features and it’s creating gifts from videos using you S pen. 

However Samsung Galaxy note 7 has USB type-c but Samsung Galaxy S7 edge still has micro USB, so let’s talk about the batteries, they are similar but not too much both batteries are removable, but Samsung Galaxy note 7 has a smaller battery and it’s confusing because as we can notice is bigger so it should have the bigger battery but it’s not!


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 versus  Samsung Galaxy Note 5

As we know there is a lot of similar things between two mobile phones like the Operating System, the same display size 5.7 but in Samsung Galaxy 5 they use Gorilla Glass 4 not like Samsung Galaxy note 7 they use Gorilla Glass 5 and this is a big difference.  They have also the same RAM size, but there is something really unique in Samsung Galaxy note 7 and it’s the special S pen, it’s not like the S pen in Note 5 for sure. It’s more improved.   

The battery is the same Non-removable for sure, and note 5 have only  fingerprint scanner but as we know in Samsung Galaxy note 7 they have two ways to protect your information, fingerprint scanner and iris scanner and both of them are really good! However, Samsung Galaxy note 5 like Samsung Galaxy S7 edge still has Micro-USB not c-type like Samsung Galaxy note 7  

As a lot of people say that Samsung Galaxy note 7 is so much easier to hold and feel really comfort when you hold it more than note 5.  

The totally really big difference between these two mobile phones that note 7 has curved design but note 5 hasn’t and that’s so obvious when you see it.  

And we can’t forget about the water and dust resistant that they are for the mobile phone and the S pen with the note 7 but not note 5.  

The price of  Samsung Galaxy note 7:

Well, Samsung hasn’t yet shared the price of this amazing phone but they will soon for sure, we can know that there will be on sale from September 2 on Samsung’s official website, for sure some people will wait for the pre-ordering on August 16.

What does really matter than Samsung Galaxy note 7 is a really huge mobile phone and a lot of people expect the cost of it more than $800, we can’t talk about expecting but I guess it’s understandable price for a good mobile contain these features that we mentioned it before.    

And for sure it’s different in every country, it’s not the same in all countries.  and as we know it will release in September, and it will not release at the same time for all countries to as we know.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is really another good mobile from Samsung, the S-pen make it special and the large screen is great for who prefer it, the best curved mobile in 2016 for sure, and the camera filters and modes are various, the battery isn’t really good and confusing but charging up really fast.  I recommend it for people who like the large screen and have large works to done daily and like playing games with their mobile phone. 

thank you for your visit  Samsung Galaxy note 7 review

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